Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Randomness (again...)

So Tree set me straight apparently THE day for randomness is Tuesday...so for the first time I'll officially join in with Un-Mom....look I even grabbed the button thingy!!

Now that I sit down to log all the random thoughts that have been going through my mind all day...my mind is blank....{SIGH}

Why is it that my kids only want to use my stuff even though they have almost exact replicas of the same thing (i.e. hair brushes, gator blankets, etc)?!!! It's not that I don't want to share; it's that I want some of my things to be mine and not used, snotted upon, or dirtied by my 3 rugrats!

I know I won't get much sympathy from most of the country (as you're currently under snow), but I am always amazed by how intolerant I've become to the cold....50F?!! forgetaboutit....I've got layers, blankets, and warm toasty socks on. I've only been in FL for a little over a decade...it's amazing that your blood thins (or whatever it does to make you cold intolerant)...doesn't my body remember those 20+ years in colder climes?!!

I hate my co-worker's girlfriend....she's a nice young girl, early 20's, about 5'7" & a buck 15....well it seems that little miss thing has been doing this PX90 workout thingy and has lost 10 lbs....BE-IOTCH!!!!

Still cheating my little heart out....I'm usually not a huge ice cream freak, but Bill got Monkey Chow ice cream (banana ice cream with chocolate chunks and chocolate covered peanuts). I believe I may blow off my weigh in appointment this week!! Why face reality?

Another food addiction....CHILI!!! I've made it probably 8 times over the last 2.5 months. I make it Texas style....that is no beans because beans are evil and gross. Bill and I clamor to be the one that gets to finish off the leftovers...obviously the winner should be him, but I can't resist me some good chili!!

Intermittently our office gets invited to these investigator meetings which are the most boring thing on the planet. The only reason I go is because the meeting is being held at a cool hotel in a kick ass city, but it is very difficult to get away, plus did I mention they are BORING?!!!! I don't know what Dallas, Texas is offering these pharmaceutical companies to hold these meetings there, but holy kamole, the last 3 meetings have been held there; lo and behold I have 2 upcoming meetings which are being held in.......you guessed it, Dallas, Texas! I'm definitely sending the 25 year old boy toy I work with...advantages of being young....nothing to hold you back from traveling!

I am in dire need of getting my fill on my fake nails....I'm having a rough time typing without making a lot of typos which is incredibly aggravating.....Need to go visit my new Vietnamese BFF, Kay (I'm sure that is her original name just like the computer tech guys real names are Mike, Bob, and Richard!!)

Ciao for now....


CaraBee said...

I have been rockin' the chili lately, too. Although I do make it with beans, cause I love beans. I know, I'm crazy. In fact, it's on the menu for tomorrow. I love my crockpot.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I loved your randomness post!
Don't you hate those skinny girls that lose weight like that! ; )
Seriously!?!? And I am with you abbout being cold - Sucks!

Kat said...

Now I am craving Chili. You'll have to give me your recipe cause I despise beans, too...and my chili recipe is actually not that good.