Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sucked in....

Best laid plans and all that stuff....

In order to keep up with my blogging and not drop off into oblivion (once again)...I had planned on doing my posts this weekend for the next week. Nothing huge or life changing to post...just thoughts, stuff, etc. sucked into the vortex of entertainment this weekend...

Saturday night to Sunday morning (yes, until 2 am) watched the rest of the 2nd season of The Tudors....I just couldn't cut away when the finale was 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, episodes away!! Then just when I think I can seamlessly move on to the next season, I realize I have to actually order instant viewing on Season 3 (yet)....Oh well, I really was exhausted and needed to get to sleep.

Today, I finally took Kat's advice from last summer and dove into the world of The Pioneer Woman blog....I got caught up in her romantic story of she and her husband, Marlboro Man....I can't resist a good love story...

So there are my excuses for the posts I meant to post not being here. No time to do it now...I'm actually trying to get to bed before midnight!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Obviously I've been very hit or miss these last several months (miss more than hit). I guess I've missed the whole spamming thing that's been hitting the blogosphere, huh?!

I was just perusing some of my old posts and some of them had many more comments than was normal for me when I was posting apparently:
* I've made friends with many, many Chinese (or Japanese, Korean...I really can not discern between the Asian languages)
* I am in need of a penis enlargement or medications to help me in that area (I had no idea!)
* I am in need of fertility medication
* I am eligible to receive new subscriptions
....and many, many more. Needless to say, I've changed my comment preferences to try to avoid these fake friends in the future...what a pain in the a$$!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Stress eating mess...

Today was not a good day for a number of reasons....tonight has been better...

My day started off with my oldest coming in my room crying about how she felt sick. Cameron tends to be a little bit dramatic and has been fighting a cold for about a week which I've successfully ignored and treated with over-the-counter remedies. However, when she comes in my room crying about it, it's time to see the doctor.

I went into speak with my daughter's principal and planned to go in there tough and strong, but I couldn't help my voice from cracking and sounding like I was going to bawl any minute - very effective for getting my own way....NOT!! Left his office with no info and more roadblocks.

Took Cameron to the doctor to be told she had a viral cold; well, better safe than sorry! Took her back to my office where I proceeded to be very unproductive and distracted. Ended up leaving at noon- went home had some bathroom time----another side effect of stress.

I then proceeded to blow my diet to high heaven...I ate fast food, doughnuts, it possible to gain back the 16 pounds I've lost in 1 day?!!! My body is definitely going to revolt - it hasn't had this much sugar in months.

Said situation from above got somewhat rectified this evening and things are looking better, but I am still pissed. Not ready to post about it yet...if I ever will, but things are looking thing that today has validated for me: I have great kids, a wonderful, calm husband, and kick ass friends who are always there for me....

Now...officially back on the bandwagon and no more cheating - I have to find a better stress reliever!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I know from my recent lurking that there are days that people post their random thoughts posts...unfortunately, I don't know what day people are doing this, but it's the right day for me...

Just realized that today is only Wednesday...been thinking that is Thursday all disappointing - I thought Friday was only a day away.....

Christmas came to my house again last night. We received my sister's Christmas gifts last night...we all scored big! My fav - the Shark steam cleaner for wooden floors/tiles. Yup, I was mopping the floors last night at 10:30 and loving it. I'm gonna have to post some pics of my goodies...

Had dinner tonight with 2 of my favorite people....just a great time catching up and venting out our frustrations....girlfriends rock!!

Speaking of frustrations....

feeling discriminated against at work b/c I am not Hispanic....the Hispanic employees are golden at work (in the opinion of one of the employers) - the rest of us are sub par....not a good feeling!!

Feeling immense dislike for my daughter's school and teacher. Every day I find out about things that have been said/done to my daughter....I am seeing red over the latest and they will hear about it tomorrow when I pay the principal a visit to find out WTH they are doing!

Slave labor

As a child, I was the kid who would cuddle up with my Mother and have her rub my back, scratch my back, play with my hair, etc. Somewhere, somehow, Cameron started asking to fix my hair or rub my feet....who am I to argue?!! Then Emmy seeing what her oldest sister was doing asked if she could start doing my hair and feet...some days, I even have one on my feet the other working on my hair.....Bill just sits and rolls his eyes at me.

Tonight, Cameron asked to rub my feet and was rubbing my feet with lotion when Jack comes over to see what she is doing. She asked him if he wanted to rub Mama's feet to which he jumped right on the bandwagon. Now I've got all 3 doing this....H.E.A.V.E.N.!!!! Bill just shakes his head and says it's pitiful how I've manipulated my kids into doing this....I am definitely pleading ignorance on this one because I have no idea how I have fallen into this, but I am SO not putting an end to it!

Relaxed and comfy in FL!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm feeling very inadequate lately....

Monday through Friday, like most people, feel like I am running at 110 miles an hour....up at 7 am get 3 kids ready to school, drop off kids, get to work between 9-9:30 work till 6:30. Home at 7 pm dinner, homework, bath for kids, end of day things...waste time on my computer, go to bed too late and do it all again for the next 4 days. By the time the weekend rolls around, I am exhausted.

I sleep in on the weekends and clean up the clutter, but beside that, I am basically a lump all weekend unless we have to get the kids some place. The reason I feel inadequate is I know a lot of families are a lot more active with their kids, but I am so unmotivated to do much of anything besides veg out with the family. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I feel guilty because I am probably doing my kids a huge disservice. I guess the question I want to put out there is where do you all get the energy to continue going, going, going into the weekend?!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Technology that I am loving....

Such a boring title, but I have been enveloped into certain technologies that I am enjoying so much I have to share....

Skype: I installed this program after reading Tressa's post about skyping her family. I figured since I had a video camera on my laptop, it would be pretty easy to do. I signed up and got my sister to sign up and spent most of the holidays skyping with her. My girls absolutely love it and they call her on their own now. I finally touched base with Tree this weekend - we haven't talked face-to-face in 5 years! It was so awesome catching up and seeing and talking to the kids! I've tried to get my Mom and my friend Jacque (in WA state) to sign up, but they both plead technological ignorance....hopefully they'll jump on the bandwagon soon. The only con is that all my calls (so far) have caught me sans makeup, hair done and usually in pajamas....and a cluttered house to boot...

Kindle: My husband got this for me for Christmas. Even though I was excited, I was a little apprehensive at first....why? because I am so cheap....the thought of shelling out $9.00 per book was putting me over the edge....however, I quickly found out that a lot of the "classics" are public domain and free. They also have a lot of books really cheap. Plus, when I really think about it, even though library books are free, you still have to return said books by the deadline or suffer the penalty charges (no biggie right?! not for the person who currently owes $70+ in library fees). So I am thinking I'll end up ahead in the long run ;) I loved that two of my bloggy friends, Kat and CaraBee, did posts about their favorite books of 2009 - I was able to add the suggestions right to my Kindle wish list so when I am stuck looking for a new book - it's there. I took their suggestion and read "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins - it was fabulous....I can't wait to read the next book - though I am going to have to download it via audible or utilize the library as it's not on Kindle (there's a con). There is even a Kindle app for my iphone which enables me to sync between the phone and my Kindle so that I can always have a book with cool is that?!!

Netflix: I know, I's not a new technology, but now you can see a lot of movies and t.v. shows instantly via computer or on your t.v. via your gaming system. Now I've been a member of Netflix 2 times before and it really hasn't worked out that well because I always forget to return the movies in time for pizza and movie night the next week so we would always ending up going to Blockbuster to rent a movie then end up paying late charges there. We dropped Netflix and went with the Blockbuster plan which would put us in the same category (it shouldn't be too hard to return movies I know, it's just a matter of putting it into the mailbox...however, I leave every morning in a whirlwind and putting movies in the mailbox is not on top of the list). I've even tried Red Box and ended up paying $ for 2 movies I now getting away from my humongous disorganized issues....I am loving this instant gratification I am getting from Netflix.... I am a secret documentary lover and I have a whole queue of movies to's the little things.

Mobile Me: We are now officially an all Mac family....Bill got a Mac laptop about 1.5 years ago; I soon followed suit. For Christmas, we got an iMac for our family computer. I took advantage of the Mobile Me deal that came with the new computer and I am loving the fact that we can all have our own calendars and know what's going on. I am infamous for not letting Bill know about meetings, appts, etc., but now as soon as I add something new to the calendar, it goes into our "cloud" and everyone is in the know. This is a wonderful tool for a disorganized person such as myself and relieves some of the tension that said disorganization can cause a more organized spouse.

What technologies are you currently loving?