Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm still learning (barely)

Wow, I've posted twice in one day - Go Me! No, really this was a see, I have been trying program after program to post my simple video (with music) online and it's a no go... I think trying this for 24 hours is enough. So thanks again, to American in Norway for helping me out with my technical issues/questions today. I finally settled for the slide show from Photobucket sans music (I also did not realize that when I hit "share to Blogger" that it would immediately post to the blog)...SO...enjoy if you like...if you want the full effect with music, just hum some Buffett tunes as you're watching.


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American in Norway said...

Oh... the kids have gotten so big & are ADORABLE.... here's hoping we can meet up sometime next year! Hugs-T