Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Saturday date...

Last Saturday, Bill and Jack were a bit under the weather. Emmy had a Brownie thing. and Cameron expressed an interest in seeing "New Moon"....who am I to deny my child the opportunity to see Edward?!
Unfortunately, the only theater that was still showing the movie was about 45 minutes away, but I gave in because the movie theater is in one of the local malls I actually like (because there is almost no one there...probably why a lot of the shops are going out of business).

As we kept travelling and travelling and travelling, it became clear to me that we were not going to make opening credits. I gave Cameron the choice to see the movie about 10 minutes in or choose another movie. Smart girl that she is chose another movie, which was one she had been wanting to see and one that was just starting, "The Blind Side"....after spending $40 on tickets and food, we headed into the theater. I really liked the movie; Sandra Bullock was wonder she's getting so many rewards this award season! Cameron seemed to like it too; although later she divulged to Bill that I embarrassed her because I was the only one laughing out loud at certain parts....Oh, if she only knew she has many more years of embarrassment ahead of her!!

After the movie, we walked around the mall. They actually have an eyebrow "artistry" store there (right next to the food court). They shape your eyebrows using the thread technique, I was really tempted to try it, but the wait was a bit long.
We hit F.Y.E. which is going out of business at this mall...dvds, cds, games, etc, etc, were 40 - 80% off. Cameron got a Domo "skin" for her iPhone
a "Fred" tshirt

and a webkinz for Emmy....grand total - $10!!!! Whattabargain!!!

We went strolling to the other side of the mall and come across one of my favorite stores (not because I am always buying things from it, but because it has very cool playthings). We stopped to test out the calf/foot massagers I've been eyeballing from afar...not so good...I felt like my ankles were getting crushed, but we found one that just did feet....aaah heaven!We also found a head/neck massager....of course we had to try that may look really dorky (like you're wearing a pith helmet), but oooh baby - it was wonderful!!....
So I end up splurging (really, really, really splurging) and got both the foot and head massager....I look like a big old relaxed dork now (or that is, when I'm able to use it...yes, my children have taken them over).

Cameron and I had loads of fun ~ we don't get many opportunities to go out just the two of us, plus I know that my time is limited for her to want to go out with her Mom....which makes it special and bittersweet at the same time!!


DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love one on one time with my kids!
I've heard that eyebrow threading hurts like hell. I'll stick with waxing!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How much fun!!!
I am dying to see Blind Side but I have yet to see it.
And you gotta love a going-out-of-business sale!

JWilson said...

It sounds like a wonderful day!

American in Norway said...

Mom-daughter time is the BEST. I just wish we had a MALL!

Kat said...

Sounds like ya'll had a great date! I loved the Blind Side...and New Moon, too :-) We are planning to see The Lightning Thief next week.

cat said...

Looks like a great time out! I love to go out alone with my princess.

Shannon said...

Sounds like my kind of date!

I want to try the eyebrow threading, too. I don't even know if we have a place here that does that. But I've heard it's a lot better than plucking or waxing!

Sara said...

What a great day, and how fun to have some one on one time with your daughter!

That beach is about 6 hours away from where we live, but San Francisco is only 3 hours away. So funny, I don't realize that there are people who don't get both! I guess that's the beauty of living in California. You can easily get to either one here!