Monday, February 2, 2009

Co-op Update

Remember when I posted about the co-op here? (If not, you can click on over to find out what the heck I'm referring to~).

This past Saturday was our 2nd go at it. We dropped the kiddos off at 5:30 and had until 10 pm to get the little munchins. Here's a recap of our night:

5:35: go to Coffee bar/Tapas restaurant only to find out they are closed until 6pm
5:40: head off to Homegoods to get some decorating ideas (have I ever mentioned that we hardly have any art on the wall because we can't decide on a style?!)
6:00: head off to Kirkland home to do more of the success on either front.
6:15: put in our name at a local restaurant (wait time 30-45 min). Decide to take pager into Barnes and Noble get some coffee and relax...oops, that was my decision which hubby didn't want to do after all. Go back to restaurant turn in pager and head back to original Tapas restaurant.
6:30 - 7:00: get caught in traffic jam caused by an accident
7:20: Back at original restaurant - no one there except the 2 workers and a musician playing guitar. All they have is pre-made sandwiches to eat; no Tapas because the cook was not able to work due to a family illness. We decide to have a drink (Mint, Soy Mocha for me; beer for the hubby). Decide to head to Carraba's
7:50: Arrive at Carraba's - wait time 45 minutes - waiting area has more people in it than people in the restaurant. Nowhere to sit or wait without invading diner's space. Decide to leave; hostess was shocked that we were leaving and offered to get the manager. I told her that wasn't necessary we just didn't want to wait.
8:10: Head over to Outback - I now have a pretty good headache starting - Wait time: 50 minutes - didn't even bother putting in our name.
8:30: At a Mexican restaurant - crowd outside; we don't even get out and head to a Sushi restaurant in the same plaza. Decide we don't want to eat Sushi.
8:45: Back at the Mexican restaurant; get seated in 5 minutes and finally eat.
9:15: Back at home for a bathroom pit stop before picking up kids; damn Mexican food!
9:30: Pick up kids - all reports are good; they had a good time and babysitting parents still have smiles on their faces!

Home by 9:50

What did I learn from our night on the town?
1) Obviously we are very much out of practice at this whole date night thing!
2)Planning, Planning, Planning is definitely needed!

Our next Co-op night is 2/13, we're already coming up ideas so we're not stuck looking at each other after drop off saying, "So where to?!"


Angie's Spot said...

This looks like a recap of every date night that we've had for the past year. You would think we would have learned by now?! And I have got to get in on this whole babysitting co-op thing. We tried it here with my former MOMS Club, but it just never got off the ground.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Ahh, sounds very familiar! It's like, ok we're alone, crap! Now what?? :)

Love the new look by the way. Very fresh and springy!

Missy said...

Heehee! Oh no! We have a date night this friday & I hope this does not happen. Thanks for reminding me to make reservations!!!

JWilson said...

Even with all the resturant hoping it sounds like a nice time. :)

Jen said...

Well at least you got out with out the kids. ;)

Love the new look!

Swirl Girl said...

First of all - I love your new look!

Second of all - I am planning to drop my kids off too, mmmkay?

Shannon said...

LOL, we had the same issue on Saturday. Sort of.

H spent the night with a friend... so it was just Shane, M and I. We 1st decided to go to Mexican. When M found out where we were headed, she started whining because she doesn't like Mexican, or the chicken fingers they have there (can we say picky eater?). Next we went to Buffalo Wild Wings... where the wait was an hour at the least (it was about 7:15 at this point). Our next stop was Olive Garden... luckily the wait was only 20 minutes so it happened to be our last stop! Whew!

Jill said...

Now that's one big way to crap up your date-night!

In the end, you at least had each other to laugh at your debacle, right?

Hope the next one turns out better!

cat said...

At least you got out! I am aching for that.

Anonymous said...

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