Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adding my two cents...

and an additional $9.98....I went to see "Twilight" tonight with a couple of girlfriends.  

A couple things to note:

1. When did movies become $10.00 a pop?!
2. We thought if we went shortly after the opening weekend we would avoid the throngs of teeny-boppers sure to be attending with us.  We were right and wrong....

Goodness, the above two comments make me sound like a fuddy-duddy don't they?!  Oh well, since I'm already sounding like one, let me add one more thing...There needs to be an over 30 showing of this movie (a.k.a. Cougar View ;)  I just don't think it's as hilarious as the other 13 year olds when people start shouting at the movie screen...one comment I can overlook, but ongoing dialog?!  Uh, No!....

So my take...of course the book was better than the movie...has there ever been a movie better than the book?  But, I think the movie did a good job representing the story.  

I had some issues with the casting; The Cullens were described in the book to be the most amazing looking people you've ever seen....Not so much...some were nice to look at, but in my humble opinion, did not truly fit this description.  Okay and Jasper?!  WTF was up with his hair and his facial expressions?!  His character was really not developed in the movie which was a little disappointing too.  I also thought some of the running, climbing, and jumping scenes were a little goofy.  

However, I think Kristen Stewart as Bella was a great casting choice...this is how I pictured her in my mind.  And...I've slowly, but surely have come around to Robert Pattinson as Edward.  Favorite part of the whole movie was the first kiss....Whoo, Baby!!!

Jeez, I've become Siskel and Ebert in this post....I'm glad I went, will probably get the dvd when it's released, and I will definitely be there for the sequels!


Cameron went to her first Gator game this past weekend with her Daddy. A good time was had by all. She got to look around the campus (Daddy may have picked up an admissions application for the class of 2019...purely speculation!) She ate Kettle Corn, drank soda, and people-watched (a girl after my own heart!!) She also got a new sweatshirt, a foam finger and some parting gifts for her brother and sister. She took most of the pics...she got some good ones too!!

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And what did Mommy get for so graciously agreeing to stay home with Emmy and Jack? Why pictures of Tim Tebow...Do I have this girl trained or what?!!!! (Look at all the pics of #15!!!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Life in General..........

Remember those "choose your own ending" books? I loved those books when I was in middle school. It was usually a mystery story and I mostly chose the ending where I would get caught by the bad guy and that was the end of the story.

Bad luck?

Bad choices?

Bad guesses?

After choosing incorrectly, I would always go back to where I made my "wrong turn" and choose the right path...usually to mess up later down the line, but still hopeful that I would "win" the game. I guess I liked those books so much because it was possible know if you picked right or wrong AND you had the power to go back to where you made that wrong decision and change your fate...

Sometimes I really wish that life was like that. Does anyone else often wonder if they made the right choices in life or if they were where they were supposed to be to have the most successful outcome? Sometimes I find myself obsessing about this....it's been really prevalent recently as I've been "reuniting" with a lot of people from high school and college.

Back then, I had my life plotted out...I was going to enter medical school right after college; be done by 27, get married then start a family while having a fulfilled life in medicine. However, the path I chose was to "take a break" from school after college, I met my hubby and got married at 23 had my first baby at 27. I'm working in medicine, but not as a licensed individual.

There are often times I feel like I have chosen the incorrect path...Sure, I love my family, friends, etc....but I wish I knew for sure that the choices were right.....................

Monday, November 17, 2008

Going from Digital to Analog...

I know I still have to post about Boston, however, I need to get my friend Laura's pictures also so I decided to wait a tad bit longer.

I am nowhere near accomplishing my "catching up on reading" goal...sorry guys...

One thing of note (a quick one because see above!!)...I've decided that I give up when it comes to computer based calendar programs. I've tried for over 5 years to come into the computer age in this arena...First there was the palm pilot, then there was my windows-based Internet phone, and finally my IPhone. It definitely is a "user error" reason none of these things worked for me...You know, you actually have to keep up and enter stuff - go figure! So in my feeble attempt to get a handle on my very disorganized work and personal life, I've gone back to my tried and true method of a date book. My husband is rolling his eyes at me; I feel like a failure (not really). But something had to give...I have 2 computer calendars and an IPhone and I'm still missing stuff. Paper just works for me...

Now I'm off to read...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trying to catch up...

Oh Man, I don't know if was the constant excitement, keg parties or world-wind traveling that has me exhausted, but I have been so tired at night! Which is why I haven't been in the blogosphere...I seriously have been getting to bed early...as soon as the kids are out, so is Mama!! BTW...none of those things happened in Boston. Oh, we had a fabulous time, but we behaved (most of the time). I really think the time change 2 weeks ago is taking it's toll, but I'm slowly coming back...Which is why I am up until almost midnight tonight; I am my own worst enemy!

So, I'm back and I'll be under most of the weekend trying to catch up on my 377 posts pending on Google Reader....Holy Guacamole People, you all have been writing!! Do I have an addiction or what?!

So until I get back to "normal" here's a quick teaser...the view from my hotel room in Cambridge...Boston in the Fall (enjoy Swirl Girl and Juli)

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm outta here....

Hey, how cool is this? I finally figured out how to do a post via my phone...I'm such a techie!

Anywho, I've left on a jet plane today to one of my all time favorite cities, Boston. I have a new study meeting here. I should have a lot to post about because I am here with 2 of my favorite travel companions, Laura & David. Everytime we're here we have a great time. I'm gonna do my best to stick with the diet and not drink too many beers... I'll be posting pics and stories next week.

Before I say Adios! I need to share an Emmy story with you. Emmy is definitely my 'crazy monkey' child, but she is also my most tenderhearted. She was getting a little emotional last night about my leavingt. After I got her calmed down and adjusted to the fact that I would only be gone a few days, she came out with her camera. She told me she wanted me to use her camera on my trip. I assured her that I had my own camera and that wasn't necessary to which she replied," I want you to use my camera so that I can see pictures of you when you were gone and I have a lot of pictures on there that you can look at when you're missing me." How stinkin cute is that?!

So to all my blogging buddies, so long from Boston. Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm officially a sell out....or am I?

A few posts ago, I wrote about my apprehension about delving into the world that is facebook. Has anyone noticed that this has been a popular blog subject lately?! Any Who, I went out on a limb and put out friend requests and have been talking to people I haven't spoken to in 15 - 20 years. I noticed behaviors returning that are very similar to those I had when I first started blogging...constantly checking to see if I have any notifications, new friends, etc. etc. etc. (If I had one of those media players on my blog this is where, "Loser" by Beck would start playing). All of this reminiscing with old schoolmates (now strangers) had me itching to go pull out pictures. I guess that would be enough for most people, but for me? No way, I guess I am an attention grabber....cause I scanned and posted them. (media player cue up "Popular" from Wicked)

I received over 70 notifications today in response to the postings....Whoa, talk about instant gratification! (a funny little side note to my posting all those old pictures...one old friend insisted I take off a picture of her - I saw nothing wrong with it, It was a picture from a formal for Godsake! and another guy e-mailed me to tell me I tagged him in a photo and it actually was not him - Duhlp!!!) I know my popularity will be over tomorrow 'cause I basically posted the best pics, but it was nice to be on that artificial popularity high for even a day :)


And....You know what time it is?! Its.....

These are from Cameron and Emmy's early days with a camera...oh, they've come a L O N G way!!

A baby being birthed? No, just Jackson's first bath...don't you see it?!
Beagle Butt anyone?

I'm sure my friend Brad would be thrilled to know my children took pictures of his bald spots. I'm sure he'd be even more thrilled to know I published them online!!

A close up study of skin changes? eyes? crows feet? You decide!

Apparently the teddy bear was tired and need to go to sleep right away on the dining room table with a dishtowel blanket

Well that's all for now...see you all tomorrow :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Elphaba Lives!!!

So did you all hear about what the wonderful, marvelous, brilliant, Kat, of Sunshine and Lemonade is up to? She's started her 10 weeks of weekend giveaways! Isn't that awesome?!

What's really awesome is her first prize which revolves about my all time favorite book and play...is she in my mind?!Now there may be those of you out there that love the play and have been wanting to read the book....Word of warning....not quite the same story...but in my humble opinion a fabulous one!

I think I read this book for the first time in high school or may be early college....and I've read it 4 times since; such a great story. I was so excited to introduce it to my book club. The ruling was only a few people liked it...I personally don't think they "got" it...The club shortly disbanded thereafter...They just couldn't handle it I guess ;)
My friend Laura and I got sent to a meeting in NYC 2 years ago and had to go see the play....It was absolutely fabulous!

We had a private giggle about people who were going to run out and get the book....Were they going to be surprised or what?!

Okay, enough about my "Wicked" obsession....Kat, the wonderful, talented, generous, Kat is giving away the following: an autographed copy of "Wicked" by the author, Gregory Maguire and the "Wicked" soundtrack from the play. Whoa, here come the heart palpitations again...Well, unfortunately I have to tell you how to enter the contest that I NEED to win; go see Kat and leave a lovely comment about how I you want the prize (if you really must...you know if you want to mess with karma, that's on you). You can get extra entries by following Kat (hello, doing that since I started blogging!!) and then another entry for posting about the giveaways.
So my post after November 7th should be this:

If I don't, I might look like this....

You don't want that kind of guilt on you, do you?!