Monday, August 18, 2008

How fun is this?!

This weekend one of our family friends had a birthday for her son's (Connor's) 9th birthday. It was at this place called Rebounderz in our town. It is a play place filled with trampolines. The kids loved it, even Jack.

The guy who came up with this idea is sitting on a gold mine; the kids only have the endurance to jump for 15 - 20 minutes tops then they are done (you pay $10.00 per kid per hour)!!

After they're exhausted from the jumping, there is a snack bar and a bunch of video games for kids to play (which is another way to keep the cash flowing into their pockets!) The plan was go back to my friend, Terri's house for food, etc. after everyone had their fill of jumping. However, the kids wanted to play games, get slurpees, etc., etc.. As a group, the adults developed the 'party-line' comment for the kids that no one had money for games, etc. etc. Past experience has proven once you give them $1, they're back every 5 minutes begging for more like little game playing crack addicts! You would think the kids would get it after hearing the same answer from 5 different adults, but no...they seem to think we would magically come up with cash if they nagged, whined, and pouted. Adults = 1, Kids = 0.

Emmy - Whining and pouting because no one would cough up cash - poor little monkey!!
Jan and Sheila - 2 of the mean adults with a jumped-out Jackson

We headed back to Terri's house for food, drink, and cake; my party of 3 grew 2 more kids. Lauren and the birthday boy, Connor chose to drive over with us. The coolest thing about these kids is they have literally known each other from birth - Lauren and her mom, Sheila (Hi Sheila, I know you're reading ;) came to visit Cameron and me in the hospital on the day she was born. Connor was born a year later and all of us converged upon Terri shortly thereafter. Now the kids don't see each other as much as they once did; they all go to separate schools, but just like their moms, they have the ability to pick up exactly where they left off and have a great time together. Such a cool relationship to have this young.
In the back of the van with my additional hitchhikers

Emmy still upset she didn't get any tokens to play games...she later cheered up after cake and ice cream :)

Jackson chillin' in the car seat

Goofy faces for the Camera everyone!!

Fay update...It's been raining here all day, but it rained harder yesterday before the storm was even an issue. So the kids were home from school due to a drizzle! The storm is supposed to hit our area tonight around 8 pm and be here until the wee hours of Wednesday morning. The schools response? - Close the schools for Wednesday...Day 3 of the 2008-2009 school year: days of attendance = 1. Isn't it great to be a kid?!


JWilson said...

Sounds like a fun party even with all you mean adults! :))

Lori said...

What fun! I know now that I'm officially old; when I saw the picture of Reboundz my first thought was not about how many flips I could do, but how many bones my kids could break. 8/

I hope Fay continues to take it easy on ya'll! My Emily is hoping it sends enough rain our way to make the roly-polies come out.

morewineplease said...

That place sounds so great.. I would even have fun.. going to have to research getting one in OKC!

Rae said...

We have a place like that in St. Louis called Skyzone. Basically just as expensive, but just as desired by the kiddos.

Thanks for the comment the other day!!!


Looks like fun! We don't have anything like that here for kids. Bummer!
It looks like Fay is taking a turn and heading my way. Yikes!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like a fun party--what agreat idea that trampoline place is!

Hope all is well with the storm!!

Jill said...

I love jumping on trampolines myself... but I always laugh on them and end up tinkling on my own leg. Nice thought, huh?

Glad y'all weathered the storm ok. :) I was thinking of you!

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Shannon said...

Wow, my girls would love that place! It looks like a lot of fun!

Glad to hear Fay has (so far) not been too bad!

Aubrey said...

Ok, I'm tired just looking at pix of that place. It does look like tons of fun though!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a ton of fun! My kids would be so bummed to miss school -they're jumping at the bit to go back!!

Sheila said...

Today's blog was excellent, EXCEPT for the fact that you seem happy about school being canceled. I, for one, am completely pissed off that these idiots decided our kids can't go to school in a little bit of rain!! Now they are calling school for Tropical Storms in Florida??? ACCCKK!! Do they know what kind of summer I've had? Do they think about my needs as a crazed parent? NOOOOO, obviously not!!!

p.s. Loved the pics. Those are some really cute kids!

quitecontrary1977 said...

your life looks completely fun! you must be the most fun mom ever!

Kat said...

Ahh...a place to hone their skills. For the Olympics. I am seeing the educational emphasis of Florida :-)

Jen said...

Hi I am able to check in from camp!
That looks like an awesome place. A big Happy B-day to your son

Robin said...

I SO know that look of Emmy's. My middle child is a PRO at it.
Luv the tramp idea. How cool is that?...but dude, that helmet is SO not sexy.. ;-)

I miss living in Florida. The storms and hurricanes were the BEST! The BEST JERRY, the BEST!

Jules said...

That place looks awesome! Wish they had something like that here. And what a great idea to have helmets!
And happy birthday to the big guy. :)

Angie's Spot said...

That place looks great! We have an indoor inflatables place, but no trampolines. Hmm. I see the business wheels turning.

Hippie Family... said...

I TOTALLY WANNA DO THAT JUMP THING!! and don't punk on my gnomes.. you never know where those things show up!!
thanks for stoppin in today..
looks like all is well and I can't believe you didn't give up the goods.. no extra allowance?