Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tag you're it...

I got my first tag from my crazy new friend at Hippie Family...for the reason I instantly liked her click here...plus her baby is absolutely beautiful!!!

So the subject of the meme (I think that's what it's called...I don't know what that means though, but that's not the point) is
"6 UN-spectacular things about me"

As with everything in life there are rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you

2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

So now onto the 6 UN-spectacular things about me...

#1: I prefer cold pizza to hot pizza. I especially like this delicacy for breakfast!

#2: I took a career aptitude test when I was a junior in high school (we're talking 6 hours of testing...) and I scored a -4 for aptitude in art.

#3: I have no sense of style...in fact, my 9 year old has a better wardrobe than I do.

#4: I played Lacrosse (high school & college) before it was a "cool" sport (late 80's & early 90's)

#5: I am horrible at simple math (I'm better at advanced math)...this does not bode well for medication compliance (pill counting) that I have to do at work. It's gotten to the point that if a research monitor says they found a discrepancy in my count; I don't even bother to double check - I take their word for it.

#6: I took sewing lessons from one of my good friends and made most of maternity clothes for my first pregnancy...not because I'm crafty, but because I'm cheap frugal.

So there are some very UN-spectacular things about me...Now for my tags:

1~Tressa at http://tressainnorway.blogspot.com/ We'll probably have to wait a few weeks until she's back at home and caught up, but it will be worth the wait!

2~ Jaci at http://ravingsofamadhousewife.blogspot.com/. Because she's hysterical and I think what ever her UN-spectacular traits, they'll still be entertaining to the common folk (read: me)

3~My new friend, Missy at http://twolittlemonkeys1.blogspot.com/. When you're over there check out her pics of her adorable twin girls and all the cool things that Missy makes (that girl's got talent!)

4~Angie at http://anticswithangie.blogspot.com/. She should be caught up with all her comment love from her SITS day last week and come out and play with us!

5~Jenny at Bits and Pieces. She's from down under so I don't think she'll be able to find any un-spectacular things about herself, but let's see her try.

6~Another new friend, Jen at Buried with Children. The name of her blog is what drew me to it...but her life with her 4 kids (3 are triplets) keeps me coming back!


Jen said...

Ooo, this one sound fun. I am always looking for a good meme. I will get to it but it might be sooner than later.

Jules said...

Thought I'd just come by and say hi. I did one of these a while ago and agonized for days over what to write - except I had to write 6 random things! Random?!!!

Anyway, nice job on the meme (me me and opposed to you you I guess). LOL

Missy said...

Thanks for tagging me - I finished my Meme - check it out http://twolittlemonkeys1.blogspot.com/2008/08/im-tagged.html

Lori said...

I think playing lacrosse and making your own clothes are moderately spectacular. :) So I guess that means you have to come up with two other things.

Rhea said...

I love cold pizza for breakfast too.

I also have no sense of style. I'm hopeless. It's probably a good thing I had boys...

Hippie Family... said...

Ok, seriously did that say Minus 4??? Like NEGATIVE FOUR?? Oh, your poor kids, send them over here for craft time!! I will take them all and give them back after an afternoon of craziness!! We dyed easter eggs for Halloween last year with my niece because I was in the mood.. :D
You need to get to the crafty crow to get some ideas for fun stuff... (LOVE THE CRAFTY CROW!!!)
and ya, thanks for joining in the fun...

Hippie Family... said...

FYI- Crafty Crow

Kat said...

cold pizza? Yuck. I don't even like mine out of the microwave. It must be reheated in the oven on stoneware. And then it tastes even better than it did the night before. I miss pizza...