Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Sister

My sister will probably be the source of many, many, many blogs in the future, but instead of going into the whole back story in regards to my sister, I will focus on the positive.

Happy Birthday, Carolyn!!

As my sister enters the last year of her thirties, I'm sure she will look back upon this last decade and choose it as the most gratifying, challenging, heart breaking, rewarding, gruesome,etc. etc. My hope is that she looks back and says, "It was worth it". You see, my sister was lost to me for 15+ years. Without going into much detail let's just say, I had no interest in reading James Frey's book because I lived it and more with my sister.

My sister hit rock bottom shortly after my first child was born...I like to think that Cameron was a catalyst in that Carolyn wanted to be an aunt that Cameron could depend on and look up to; that wasn't going to be a reality if things didn't change. So my sister made up her mind and has never looked back (though, I am sure there have been many, many challenges along the way). This past January, she celebrated 9 years sober...9 years that I have slowly gained a sister, friend and confidant.

So, with each year that goes by, I continue to receive my favorite gift, the gift of having my sister back in my life.


Jenny said...

What a horrible time it must have been for you. I can imagine a feeling of helplessness.
I'm glad she is 'back'.

Jen said...

I have a simlar story with my sister. I too agree that it is so good to have my sister back. Happy Birthday day to her!

BTW, do you make cakes? Just wondering from the pictures.

Kelly said...

I need to give credit where credit is due...I googled those fabulous cakes; aren't they awesome?!
The first cake I found at:
and this new one I found at:
Which coincidently (meaning I just realized this) it's from the same baker: "Pink Cake Box". Go look at all her yummy creations:

Shannon said...

My sister is my best friend... I could not imagine not having her in my life.
I hope you and your sister continue to mend your relationship and cherish the gift of having each other!

Missy said...

First, wow what a touching post. I have a sister (she is 3 yrs. older than me) and she is my best friend & a wonderful great aunt and could not imagine not having her in my life. I am so glad your sister is back & in your life again. Also, I am so glad you got the gift in the mail & I am so very pleased that you are happy with it. That is truly why I make, paint or sew anything - to see others happy!!!! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

My sister and I are 7 years we've rarely been into the same things at the same time. However we are still very close. If we have argued I don't think we've stayed mad for more than a week....and if I remember correctly...that was a pretty rough time. Hopefully you can both continue to grow closer....Happy Birthday to her!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister! That's an amazing accomplishment! Does she still keep track of her sobriety anniversary anymore, or is it kind of a "whatever" thing at this point?

Also, if you have a my twinn doll, you must post a picture of it. And it would be hilarious if you made it do all the things you wish your daughter would make your bed and cook you breakfast... :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to Carolyn and yay for her getting back on track!! That could not have been easy.

And that cake--wow!!

Candid Carrie said...

I really enjoy your posts. You manage to get your point across without using more words than necessary. You know when you've made a point and when to stop talking about the point you made.

Today's post was a fabulous example of why I come back. Thank you for sharing your lost and found story.

Mekhismom said...

first - I love the way your blog looks, 2 the cake is great, 3 happy birthday to your sister, 4 congratulations for renewing a relationship with your sister, 5 congratulations to sis for nine years sober and finally thank you for stopping by my blog.

Angie's Spot said...

I don't have any sisters. Not biological ones anyway. My best friend is so much like a sister to me, and it would kill me if I lost her, especially to an addiction. So glad that Carolyn is making her way back to you!

Jill said...

My brother just hit 18 months sober... I know what an accomplishment that is! What a special sister you have - Happy Birthday!