Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Afternoon with Emmy

After I wrote my post for BATW, I started feeling guilty that I had spent all this money on season passes to theme parks and haven't been using them like I should...You know, use them to at least get my money's worth!!
So I asked the girls to vote on where they would like to go: Sea World or Disney...they voted for Disney. Cameron decided she didn't want to go to Magic Kingdom...she would rather stay home (I think she didn't want to spend the afternoon with Emmy). Jackson went down for a nap and Emmy and I headed to Disney.
Now humor my little back story...I love rides! My eldest, Cameron, hates them. Emmy seems to have more of an adventurous streak so I was keeping my fingers crossed. There's no hope for Jackson either, he screams on the tram ride!
So I'm a little excited (okay, very excited) I'm with Emmy....I'll get to ride some fun rides...not just the carousel or Dumbo. We head right to Tomorrow Land and go into the Buzz Lightyear Ride. And Emmy changes her mind...she doesn't want to ride; she thinks she'll get scared. Okay, a little set back. We then take the little train tour of Tomorrow Land and I use this down time to play up Space Mountain. We get off the ride and start heading that direction; only when she realized where we're heading, she refuses to go further. So I make a deal with her, we'll go on the Grand Prix and then go on Space Mountain. I then proceed to take a ride with the mad driver, Emmy (got some great pictures). We get off the ride and I bring up Space Mountain's definitely a no go. "Okay, so how about Pirates of the Caribbean?" I ask her. "No" "Haunted Mansion?" "No" "Splash Mountain?" "No" ...I get it, I get it...I'm going to have to wait until my sister and brother come into town to ride rides with me! We ended up going on a Small World and the Train ride through the park. I think she had a good afternoon. And even though 12 year old Mommy didn't get her way, I had a good time too.

Please enjoy the slide show...they're from Emmy's Camera. She took almost all of the pictures. I love the pictures she takes; it's like a view into Emmy's mind!! Please note all the pictures of strangers...she reminds me of Lilo with her picture taking.


Jen B. said...

So glad the two of you had such a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

You should try for photo hosting and slideshow stuff. Super easy ;)

Sounds like SUCH a good time!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

When we were at Disneyland last summer, my 8-year-old's wildest ride was Pirates of the Carribean. I got my 4 year old on the Matterhorn... there were some BIG eyes when she got off but she had a blast!!

Shannon said...

I did not like Space Mountain the first time I rode it... I was 9 or 10 at the time. Have not been on it since!

I think Buzz Lightyear and Splash Mountain were our favorite rides when we went last Oct (it was the girls' 1st time @ WDW)... Thunder Mtn was closed so we didn't get to ride it :(

Kat said...

What happened to my comment?? I know I left one. So strange. What I had said yesterday was I love love love Disney. We went for 10 days in Sept 2006 - and bought an annual pass. We went again in January and then again in Sept 2007 - over 24 days in the parks. I really thought I was done. That I was Disneyed out. But I am ready to go back! :-)

Angie's Spot said...

Love the pics! It makes me that much more crazy with anticipation about our upcoming trip!